On special requests, we help source good quality reproductions. We realise that sometimes it may be difficult in terms of practical needs. Hence, we help our clients secure their desired pieces within their requirements. Some of the key factors we focus on are

Faithfulness of the reproduced piece to the original in terms of proportions and details.
Construction techniques: quality of timber and materials used, amount of handwork evident, types of joints used (seeking the stronger mortise-and-tenon and avoiding dowels, for instance)

If need be, even old reproductions are altered to meet new requirements.


Design Consulting

Ambience Décor Consulting (ADC)

Getting the décor ‘right’ for a living space is a challenging transformative process. Be it designing a new space or redecorating an old one, our creative creator, Mrs.Veshali Visvanaath treats every project as a blank canvas and gives soul to it. Central theme to each canvas is the client. She enjoys giving shape to their dreams, imagination, intuition and aspirations in the ambience they live in. From ‘décor minimalists’ to ‘lavish-loyalists’ to geeks, we have worked with them all and realize that there is only one secret to elevate ambience décor: no rule book!

Designing the décor to create a suitable ambience in which the client finds a “365 days fit” requires one simple revelation: the client’s personality type. We have had the pleasure of creating designs for the conformist, the bold, the beautiful, the hippie, the musically inclined, the lover and the list goes on!

Of course, in the ambience elevation design and execution process, using Prakalyam Gallery pieces are strictly optional as we place great emphasis on the client’s vision for their home.