Exquisite Fragments of History

Relics of the past, antiques tell unique stories. They carry the flavour of bygone conversations, remind us of the extravagances – and perhaps the hardships – of another era, and remain trend-proof:  while antiques are less likely to be super trendy, they are also less likely to ever be untrendy. We find it fascinating that in antique furniture, the imperfections are often celebrated than dreaded.

It is for this reason the gallery is named, Prakalyam. In Sanskrit, the word means "all things beautiful", and in Hindi, the same word encompasses two words, 'prachin' and 'kaal', meaning "ancient times". 


Perfect Blend

Antiques can add texture and personality to even the most modern or contemporary homes. In fact, the contrasting elements, resulting from the presence of antique pieces in a contemporary room setting, transform a monochromatic (albeit stylish) setting into a truly original and fun one.


Guidelines for antique buyers

To determine the value of each piece, the gallery employs the same guidelines it proposes to its valued customers. Namely,

Quality of Design and of Craftsmanship
Condition of the material
Rarity of the piece
Utility and appearance in the context of today’s lifestyle

Of the above, Condition of a piece is of enormous importance. By condition, We mean retention of original elements, plus the addition of patination and oxidation. The initiated revere the antique which is most original, both in its components and in its surface. They like to find the signs of softening, of darkening, of highlighting, of oxidation and patination. We believe it is these finer aspects that give antiques their unique beauty when compared to fine reproductions.

The meticulous effort we put in sourcing and preserving their authenticity has brought Prakalyam Gallery laurels from our valued customers. Visit us today (by appointment, please) to immerse yourself into the brilliance of the yore.