I have been thinking so much about writing or not. Each time I convince myself to do so, I hound a reason not to.  It is the worry of being unable to communicate incomprehensible thoughts effectively and the  "what if" syndrome. After much persuasion from family and friends, I am giving it a try. It is an effort to express and share my liking, passion and experience. An effort  to pen my thoughts and for self realisation, the route to expressing myself. So my humble thoughts put together in the simplest of ways is what it will be. 
There is something about your roots that tie you down to a sense of belonging. All my senses are activated, my feelings ignited when I come across things which I was once in awe by as a young girl. That's probably how we start cultivating an affinity towards certain things. The things that seemed unattainable begin to fall into your bucket list and subconsciously, we fall in love with them. I have always had an attraction towards works of art that bear a historical identity on their shoulders. For me, it is been the exuberant love for all things old, and historical, which transformed a foodie into an antiques enthusiast. Today , as i venture into different parts of the world , I comprehend the similarities in culture and practices and they all boil down to certain relatable topics. We live in this well connected society today and everything is a click away yet there is a charm about the tediously unique ways of the past. How I wish I could travel back in time, life goes on and we find ways to live with the small accents to relive the days that were enjoyed by our ancestors.
Yours sincerely, until my next article. 

Veshali Visvanaath