"In antique aficionados’ gatherings, we often quip that the world of antiquities is an esoteric society, albeit unorganized. Spread around the globe, we have an innate quest to find our ‘soul-antique’ pieces; Oh, when we set out in search of a curio, seldom do we have its form etched in our minds; but we do know that we yearn to own the fragments of the history...
When we manage to set our eyes on it, hey presto, we strike a bond that’s hard to resist. Often, it’s a case of love at first sight that leads to happily-ever-after ownership."

If you relate to this recherché, welcome to Prakalyam Gallery. 



Since its inception, Prakalyam Gallery has grown to be the trustable brand for antique colonial furniture lovers in Singapore and beyond. The proof is in the ever increasing guests that not only frequent the store but also refer us to other antique aficionados.

At the gallery, you can find antique collections that reflect India’s colonial past as well as marvellous craftsmanship. Each of the collections goes through our rigorous authenticity verification standards that help us categorise them into either genuine article or restoration. Though the gallery houses predominantly wooden furniture, you can also find antique silver, glass and other metal artefacts.

From our collection, guests can find antiques that would adorn every space in their home: from bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, walls to garden.

Visit us to experience the handcrafted marvels of the generations gone by.


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